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Monday, 30 November 2020

Know about post office, 200 rupees for investing Rs 200 will get 21 lakh rupees

Know about the post office, 200 rupees for investing Rs 200 will get 21 lakh rupees

In now experience, everyone is concerned about keeping money and various schemes are possible to create cash from the business. Just now we will know you around a post office scheme in which you will convert Lakhpat in a few years while you start the record and you will no want too serious cash in it. You only own to collect 200 rupees for it.
In several years, a stock of 21 lakh will display 
Give us to tell you that your seat surely free up to 200 rupees from common responsibilities and by making short maintenances, you can achieve your poverty in the expectation. The public prepared capital account of the post office is the most reliable choice for delivering in no time. You have to save 200 rupees per day on this record. If you container gives it all day when you can match capital of Rs 21 lakh on a closing base.
This report can act started everywhere
You can start this post office in each of the parts of the nation. Not particularly that, you posterior open more further than one record if you order. Separate from this, two personalities can further manage this statement commonly.
This will make21 lakh rupees
Make me know you that if you are 25 years old when you collect only 200 rupees from your investments, later after 15 years, you will see about 21 lakhs support from these conservations.
How to grow the market?
Make me differentiate you that if you are imagining of buying individually by delivering this project, you collect only 200 rupees per day, then the period will be 6000. The purchase of the year will mean Rs. 72000.
If you achieve this for 15 years, your property will be 10.80 lakh rupees.
With that, the PPF immediately joins your property in the excitement of the compounding of 8 fisadi year production . And if you get interested at this relationship for 15 years before the complete return will mean 21 lakh rupees.
This is, you will a supplementary exhibition of Rs 10.31 lakh as profit on your complete purchase .
You can unlock the record in a number of rupees

Rent me tell you that you can present this record in 100 rupees. It wants to buy at most concise 500 rupees a year. With this, you can advance up to Rs 1.5 lakh in one cycle in this statement. Your toilet also cracks a common statement in it. You can further start this record on your baby's name as well. Nonetheless , there is no equipment for pre-match with them.
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Sunday, 29 November 2020



Increasing a person's productivity along with educational qualification also increases employment opportunities.  So the money spent on education is also a kind of capital investment.

 The traditional means of livelihood, the land, and the housing industry, have dwindled day by day.  In such circumstances, the demand for education has gradually increased as the importance of the direct relationship between education and employment has increased.

 That is to say, in order to test how integrated the development of a state is, one has to understand the development of education there.

 Gujarat's economic growth rate is very high.  But the state of education does not give birth to hope.  The development of education does not seem to have got the required benefit of the economic growth of the state.

There is a significant improvement in the infrastructural facilities required for education but the pink picture presented by the official figures is a little different from reality.

 The level of quality of education is alarmingly low.  It does not appear to have improved significantly.  The knowledgeability valuation in the situation has improved from 69.14 percent in 2001 to 78.03 percent in 2011.

 But compared to other states, Gujarat's rank has come down from 16 to 18.  The number of children entering school has increased, but 5 percent of 11- to 14-year-olds still do not reach school.

on the earlier material, states that OMR based formulated examination has meant created on 29/11/2020  (upcoming Sunday) to choose the openings of BRC / URC and CRC Co.O.  City, Rajkot, Surat, Mehsana, Kutch) Date and Time of Examination: 29/11/2020 (Sunday) 11.00 am to 01.00 am and BRC from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm 


પ્રશ્ન પેપર pdf અહિથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

 For this, Gujarat ranks 22nd among all the states.  This suggests that several states of the nation have gained more major improvement than Gujarat.

Trained teachers are very important in maintaining the quality of education.  Unfortunately, many schools in Gujarat (including government-subsidized and private) do not have enough teachers.

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Saturday, 28 November 2020

How to survey bank balance at home with Aadhaar card, Learn step by phase procedure

 How to survey bank balance at home with Aadhaar card, Learn step by phase procedure

If you need to do this labor standing at home, here is a simple means, we are educating you on how to survey bank balance utilizing the Aadhaar card, memorize step by step procedure...

New Delhi: People are averting getting on to the bank unpaid to the Coronavirus inflammation, and wish they could do it at home.  Because you have to get on to the bank or ATM to enter the bank balance or passbook.  Yet if you like to do this employment standing at home, here is a simple way, we are teaching you how to check bank balance utilizing Aadhaar card, memorize step by step procedure...

Here's how to do a bank balance inspection with an Aadhar card...

1. First you want to download the Payworld app from the Play Store.

2. In this you will discover a choice phoned AEPS, through which you can check the bank balance utilizing the Aadhaar card.  You can also withdraw and deposit money.

3. For this you remember to login by connecting on AEPS.  If you haven't enrolled for this, sign up first, and log in by entering your username, password, etc.
After logging in you will exist begged for some circumstances, to exist replenished.

4. After accomplishing so you have to get on to Bank Details and click on Ad Bank Details Account.

5. After this you have to arrive at the requested account circumstances.

6. Now you have to get on to Payworld Retailer on Google and log in.  Later logging in, you own to tick the next DTH, Mobile recharge.  As you empty this, you will exist related to a number of options, one of which is to click on AEPS.



7. Proposals will come after clicking here, you have to purchase one of these for Rs. 999, the outstanding thing is that you cannot avail of this service without purchasing a plan.

8. Directly you have to spend by clicking on Buy Plan.

9. After preparing the payment, you can check anyone's bank balance with an Aadhaar card.

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Friday, 27 November 2020

Download Pratilipi app for stories

 Download Pratilipi app for stories

Pratilipi: Read. Write. Get involved.
•Pratilipi is India's biggest digital strategy pertaining to anthologies and columnists in 12 Indian languages
•You can see more than 15 Lakh+ of stories, books, poems, articles, magazines, novels, essays, etc for free  from 150,000 authors
• Join to the Earth of 85+ Lakh browsers and 1.5+ Lakh authors for open 
•Download it today to start browsing or composing original tales in your own terminology
Browse Anywhere ere. Anytime.
Upon your midpoints to service, on your report, in your base —never live outdoors a bookuilt for book partners, the Pratilipi app bumps millions of fabrications, novels, poems, audiobooks in English, and a whole of Indian communications on your fingertips. Pratilipi has an excellent mixture of classic old and new-age literature. Old and wise columnists motivate you to write, whereas new columnists make you feel young and impatient.
Write. Percentage your article. Attain millions of anthologies.
Have your own story to warn? Self-publish on Pratilipi and enlist the hugest neighborhood of writers. Establish new drafts, add impressions, and publish right from the app. Pratilipi provides a hassle-free and developed writer committee to make your act of writing a little tiny scary and a whole lot solacing.
Pertain and you are never independently.
They announce that it takes a village to raise a child. At Pratilipi, we say it takes a neighborhood to make a writer. We all have a story to tell. The dialogue-stimulating neighborhood of Pratilipi brings writers and books on a single objective strategy.
Yes, all this is free!
Curate a collection of the articles you have read. Download the stories on your Android phones to read anywhere and anytime without the concern of holding up books or reimbursing a single paisa...Yes, all this is free!
Tremendous Features
1. Read on the go - anytime anywhere
2. Download and read offline
3. Attach a legend to request menu - don’t want anything
4. Give a literature with supporters - increase agreement 
5. Maintain quotation from wherever you went off - a seamless activity 
6. Get personalized suggestions to read every day
7. Price and review a story after reading - make the community better
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9. Advertise your personal legend and get identification in a similarity of 10 million browsers 
10. See and sign in 12 several  conversations - examine the most suitable content like nevermore previously
Pratilipi stories are nowadays accessible in the following languages
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19. Poem
20. Audio story
How to get started with Pratilipi
• Download the free Pratilipi app
• Read popular genres. Save your favorites in your own library
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• This is entirely FREE, no expenditure circumstances expected
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Thursday, 26 November 2020

Rani ki Vav amazing Indian Heritage

Rani ki Vav amazing Indian Heritage

World Heritage Sites occur crucial sites of artistic or biological ancestry as interpreted in the UNESCO World Heritage Convention ascertained in 1972. The list of locations recorded on World Heritage is now 981, which encompasses cultural and natural wonders, and that endowed ment is shared by all mankind and its insurance is the concern of all mankind. Certain combine 759 social, 193 innocent, and 29 confusing features in 137 state agents. India has existed as an active member state on World Heritage since 1977. India has 32 World Heritage Properties out of which 25 are cultural properties and 7 are natural reserves comprehended by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 2014. Indian art is the method of history of the successes of India. India's languages, religions, dances, music are various from others because its own music, architecture, food, and customs for different types of dances are different in one place within the nation. Indian culture is often tagged as a stew of several cultures, dissipate across the Indian subcontinent and influenced by a history that is many years old. Several components of India's various cultures, very as Indian religions, Indian philosophy, and Indian cuisine, have had an accepted effect.


State List by the state party

UNESCO Heritage List by Year

UNESCO World Heritage Map

Around my UNESCO heritage sites

Attended Add Heritage Sites to the list you visit

Your desired sites leave to your wish list

Heritage Information about each heritage site

Do you need to visit a site? You can book a hotel with rapidly from the site screen

Rani-Ki-Vav at Patan, Gujarat (Rani's Stepwell)

Rani-ki-Vav was created on the banks of the river Saraswati in the first 11th century AD as a memorial to a king. Stepwells are an unusual feature of groundwater reserves and storage policies in the Indian subcontinent, dating back to the third millennium BC. They evolved over time from what was initially a pit in yellow soil leading to substantial multistory labors of art and architecture. The Rani-Ki-Vav stepwell building was created at the height of the craftsmanship and the height of the Maru-Gujarat architectural style, indicating the mastery of this documented technique and the beauty of detail and proportion. Constructed as an aroma church highlighting the purity of the water, it is divided into seven levels of notches with high artistic quality sculptural panels; More than 500 theoretical sculptures and additional than a thousand secondary arts combine religious, mythological, and secular images, often referring to literary works. Every fourth level is the most extended and belongs to a 9.5 m over the orthogonal container at wisdom of 23 mm. The spring is established upon the western largest advantage of the characteristic and consists of a wave 10 mm in breadth and 30 m bass.

Rani-Ki-Vav at Patan, Gujarat (Rani's Stepwell)

Rani-Ki-Vav is an outstanding instance of the unique form of groundwater architecture of the Indian subcontinent, located on the banks of the Saraswati River in Patan, Stepwell. Originally built as a memorial in the 11th century CE, Stepwell was built as a religious as well as a functional hierarchy and was built as a blind temple accentuating the sanctity of water. RaniKi-Vav is a unique ingredient, liquid management policy designated within seven levels of stairs, and sculptural committees of important creative and beautiful condition. It is acquainted in an east-west direction and is connected to all the principal elements of the stepwell, including a step corridor starting from ground level, a series of four bowers with an increasing amount of stories to the west, tanks and wells. In the form of a tunnel shaft. Further than five hundred theoretical statues and additional than a thousand secondary statues combine the religious, mythological and secular image, often pertaining to literary works.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Download Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar (25-11-2020)

 Post headlines distributed by Gujarat State Information Department Date: 25-11-2020Friends, the employment news is disseminated every week, this employment news is very helpful for students and the unoccupied, this employment newspaper reports new recruitments every week

Gujarat State Employment News every week. Numerous engaging followers download it on Wednesdays each week. We totally recognize that India is a populated nation, and varieties are developing neuralgia to adjust jobs. Jobs and uniquely administration assignments are not careful to understand. Scholars produce to prepare themselves advancing of living so that they can damage the exams. In this state, they will want something that can say them about the jobs accessible nearby. This inspires them to occur a supplementary willing themselves and stuff down the information at the solicited time. Gujarat Employment News is laboring hard for the youth of their state as they know the importance of job search. please regularly inspect our site to know expected most overdue updates, Government Bharti, Private Bharti, Police Nokri, Talati Nokri, Junior Clerk Nokri, MBBS Naukri , Engineering field, Diploma field, Degree Jobs, Staff Nurse, Nursing, Aanganwadi, Officer Jobs, Clerk Jobs, Bank Jobs, State Bank Of India (SBI) Jobs, Bank Of India (BOI) Jobs, Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC),, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Gujarat Subordinate Service Selection Board (GSSSB), Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), Railway Recruitment Control Board (RRB), Gujarat Panchayat Seva Pasandgi Mandal (GPSSB), RMC, BMC, SMC, BMC,We decide to produce several Material and Manage full Exam Library Elements. 

Important Links :

👉Download : Click Here

Request to give this support news to all your supporters , this engaging news can mean nearly worthwhile for any unemployed , new retaining report is implicated through this employment news, we preserve encouraging our website for all administration recruitment updates
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Today 05 species have perished. Away of which 2 patients of Ahmedabad Corporation, 1 of Gandhinagar, 1 of Gandhinagar Corporation, 1 of Surat Corporation remember died unpaid to corona.

How is one stiffened for Covid-19?
The misery for coronavirus does not get someone addle any blood examination. Coronavirus examination comprises exploratory of the throat mop up or the nasal brush to achieve for the disease. 

Later desirable specimens, doctors mailed at nodal hospitals may evaluate your rude health to make your psyche up whether hospitalization is desired. Differently, you may exist begged to adjournment one-off at federal itself. 

If the tests are favorable, you may pertain to last quarantined for at slightest 14 days, till recovery. What exist presumed to you sort out if you compel to result in master for Covid-19 in India? If you attain infected with COVID-19 and recover, preserve your stride infected again? Can advanced imperviousness put a stop to you from in certificate of coronavirus? Should I wear down a mask?

Reference To foil disease and to the gradual transmission of COVID-19, sort out the following: film your hands habitually with soap and water, or wholesome them with alcohol-based distribute rub. 

Conserve at feeblest 1-meter remoteness between you and expresses gasping or sneezing. prevent tender your face. guard your jaws and beak once again coughing or sneezing. deferment birthplace if you think unwell. Refrain from smoking and Android additional actions that agree with the lungs. preparation objective hostility by averting unnecessary tour and waiting gone from bulky groups of people

Health control Professionals Learn how you exist eligible of the tie with your patients, let somebody know the community, church improbable committees, situate up a sharp-witted reply to recurrently begged questions, and additional. ascertain additional >EducatorsLearn how to remedy with your learners on WhatsApp, see nd off and hear assignments, segment schooling in the manner of articles and promo nice messages, and additional hear added. 

commonly nation contaminated with the COVID-19 virus will knowledge mild to reasonable respiratory illness and recoup without requiring unique treatment. big people and folks with underlying medicinal evils like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, unending respiratory disease, and bane are other apt to enhance decided illness.

Help impede the proliferation of rumorsThink about the correspondence that you obtain, as not the bunch you get about coronavirus may be accurate. 

There is a percentage of fake in a row around. These are the facts. frequent of everyone age be eligible to be contaminated by the coronavirus. adult people and colonize with pre-existing health setting (such as asthma, diabetes, kindness disease) exist to exist more vulnerable to apt attorney in needy health with the virus. View Facts 

At this time, at needle are no distinct vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. Nonetheless, nearby are various lasting clinical trials evaluating pledge therapies. WHO will carry on to offer modernized in sequence as directly as clinical findings swivel into available.

Seize responsibility of by hand carry out you experience fever and/or respiratory tribulations (such as coughing and breathing difficulties)? postpone home. set up your common practitioner (GP) and explosion your indications. Don't broaden to your GP or to A&E. Your GP will enlighten you on the drop a dime on could you repeat that? to do. For example, the process to your GP cryosurgery or a triage essence for an essay. produce a listing of totally the dwell in you came into mum drop a line to with. 

Did you examine positive? it follows that dealings duplicating will start up a shortage to experience more? understand our guidance if you are unpleasantly or if a big name in your family is ill. see to you suffer angrily, stressed, worried or saddened? This is ordinary. at this point, you are able to acquire certain tips to screech about it. in grade for healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.
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New MHA Guidelines for Surveillance, Containment, and Discretion Effective from first december

 MHA Guidelines for Surveillance, Containment, and Discretion Effective from the first December

Corona's growth has improved after Diwali. On the other needle, the Union Home Ministry on Wednesday handed out new actions on containment, supervision, and attention. Status and Union Territories will possess to rigidly support the governments in the containment place. The guideline handed out by the Union Home Ministry will exist in troops from December 1 to December 31, 2020.

Ahead with this the Standard of Protocols (SOP) for other training has existed announced. Totally required education will remain invested in the containment position, the home ministry published. It will be the responsibility of the local-district police, and the municipal permission, to precisely follow the rules in the cantonment zone. At the same time, the State and Union Territories will deduce the obligation together with the anxious officials.
A declaration from the Home Ministry told the administration company would conduct house-to-house surveillance and prove that corona victims' processing factories were immediately secured. The central government has approved state management to impose management, surrounding night lockouts, at the limited level to restrain the Koro soreness.

Although, kingdoms will not happen supported to require lockdown outside view the cantonment circuit outdoors the information  and permission of the central administration. States have more happened interrogated to encourage cultural background in the business. The Home Ministry said in a statement that in a city where the weekly case or positive rate is extra than 10 percent, the concerned states and Union Territories should complete phased office timings and additional times so that added representatives perform not succeed at a future and public range is supported.

Coronavirus communication is on the surge in the nation. In the center Delhi, nearly 7,000 incidents of corona are coming up all day. Bodies received in the markets during the festivals have been the main justification for dissipating the transition. Meanwhile, the home ministry on Wednesday handed out guidelines. The Home Ministry has delivered out claims  for monitoring, control, and anticipation. The government actions will appear within force from December 1 and will resume in force till December 31.

Only essential item training is enabled in the containment zone. The local neighborhood, police, and municipal officials will be responsible for assuring that the rules of control containment measures are precisely followed and the State / UT Government will determine the obligations of the officers interested.

The government's emphasis is on enhancing the Koro growth. There is nowadays a priority on boosting notification in lawsuits of corona in some states.

The new developments including obstruct theater rooms , fields, swimming pools, etc. The auditorium hall resolution nevertheless continues with 50 percent viewers. The spamming billiards stir alone be adopted by games someones during practice. According to the Home Ministry's guidelines, any type of event, be it religious, social, sports, entertainment, or education, cannot involve e additional than 200 people. True, the state authority can decrease this figure to 100 or less if it requires.
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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Anywhere to transfer Cash in Whatsapp latest payment feature

Anywhere to transfer Cash in Whatsapp latest payment feature

Chief you must to move to Google Play or Apple App Store and renew WhatsApp

You insistence become to receive your bank details in the app to collect cash

Millions of stoners utilize WhatsApp to wait related to their supporters and relatives . This figure has raised in the Corona punctuation. The company has beforehand decreased a sign of new innovations . It envelops several organizations comprising 8 members for video/audio calling, progressive information end. The newly introduced amount property has endured the issue of extraordinary communication.

WhatsApp must quickly approved secured its most maximum expected amount specialty in India. It accepts the countryside UPI (Unified Payments Interface) structure to transfer and support mortgages . We have provided a comprehensive  instructor here, which allows you to swiftly set up WhatsApp Payments and send funds managing the program . Accompany  those passes for that.

Settings of WhatsApp payment specialty

  • Action 1: First go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and resume WhatsApp.
  • Action 2: Immediately open WhatsApp in the phone and go to frames.
  • Action 3: Now scroll below and tick on the amount choice.

Action 4: Soon the listing of banks will arrive on the security . Choose your bank in the program and suggest the bank particulars.

Action 5: Later this method your bank account parts will continue fortunately joined to the app.

Give payment this process on the WhatsApp payment characteristic

Start 1: Your bank account features possess meant famously attached. Now you prison  send and accept money.

Start 2: Begin the chat of the contact you need to give money to.

Start 3: Begin the payment option.

Start 4: Choose the bank from which the payment is to mean transported.

Start 5: Present the amount and obey the UPI PIN to make the transaction.

ગુજરાતીમાં સ્ટેપવાઇઝ માહિતી અહિંથી વાંચો

Earn money through the WhatsApp payment feature

Money can last concerned in the related centers that there are levels to send money. To this, provide reach to certain that the bank account is assigned with the app as per the actions shown over . Opening update the WhatsApp app> go to settings> click on payment option> select bank name> link bank account. You can soon accept money from your WhatsApp contacts.

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Latest upcoming company of JIO AIRTEL VODAFONE New Recharge Plan 84 days validity

Latest upcoming company of JIO AIRTEL VODAFONE New Recharge Plan  84 days validity

  • the Airtel telecom company owns views of Rs 379, 598, and 698 with 84 days validity
  • the jio company has regarding of Rs 555, 599, 777 and 999 with 84 days validity

Several species have problems recharging their mobiles repeatedly. For extreme species, telecom corporations offer long truth plans. The 84-day plan is very popular. It offers consumers data and endless calling. We are notifying you about the prepaid plans of Airtel, Geo, and Idea-Vodafone (Vi).

If you expend 2 GB of data per day on your mobile, there are several prepaid recharge plans from Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone-Idea that you will like and you will get endless calling on any system with additional data. And you can take benefit from several additional features encompassing SMS.

Reliance Jio's Best Prepaid Recharge Plan

If you have a Reliance Jio SIM card, a Rs 444 plan would exist right for you. In that prepaid recharge plan, users pleasure receive limitless calling on SAM system for 56 days with 100 minutes and 2 GB of data by day including 2000 minutes on different r network. So you will get 3000 calling minutes on another network with facilities on a recharge of Rs 599. If you operate from residence and are small of 2 GB of data through the day, you package take 30 GB of data for a month on a recharge of Rs 151.

JIO ના રીચાર્જ પ્લાન ઓફીસીયલ સાઇટ પર અહિં વાંચો

Vodafone-Idea's Best Recharge Plan

Speaking of Vodafone-Idea's Best Prepaid Recharge Plan with 2 GB of data, on a recharge of Rs 595, users will get the facility of unlimited calling and 100 messages per prime besides with 2 GB of data for 56 dates. Along with this, you will get many additional features, encompassing ZEE5 premium access for one year with Vi movies and TV access. Vodafone-Idea additionally produces a 24-day prepaid recharge plan, in which users command receive 300 SMS with limitless calling and 2 GB of data through the day.

VODAFONE ના રીચાર્જ પ્લાન ઓફીસીયલ સાઇટ પર અહિં વાંચો

Airtel most suitable plan with 2 GB of data per day

Airtel's Rs 449 prepaid plan is adequate for Airtel users, with 100 SMS and 2 GB of data per day with unlimited calling on any network for 56 days. Airtel Xstream Premium recommendation is available with this paid plan. Airtel has a different plan of Rs 349, in which users will get all these features for 28 days along with other features including a 28-day subscription to Amazon Prime.

AIRTEL ના રીચાર્જ પ્લાન ઓફીસીયલ સાઇટ પર અહિં વાંચો

નવા રીચાર્જ પ્લાન ગુજરાતીમાં અહિંથી વાંચો 

Ahead with the monthly plan, there are numerous prepaid recharge plans of two months and three months, in which the user gets many capabilities with 2 GB of data per day. Most recharge plans are less than 600 and have a validity of up to 84 days. Find out which companies from Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone-Idea are good and cheap recharge plans and which plan is reasonable for you.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2020



India is known for its diversities and theologies where we appreciate a lot of celebrations. Allow it be a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, or Christian, we commemorate each and every festival with zeal and excitement. But understanding the precise dates of the similar evolves troubleshooting ome occasionally. To give rid of it, we have given rise to Indian Calendar 2021 for you to ease out your battle discovering precise duration.
Indian National Calendar, furthermore phoned as Shalivahana Shaka Calendar is considerably utilized for news broadcasting objectives alongside Gregorian Calendar. Later a survey conducted by Calendar Reform Committee during 1950s, it was inferred that around 30 various calendars were being used to set Hindu, Buddhist and Jain festivals.

They establish that these calendars were based on similar beliefs though ready as per ancient traditions and astronomical exercises. On the additional hand, Islamic calendar was used by Muslims in India along with Indian Government utilizing Gregorian calendar for executive purposes. Hereby, unpaid to Calendar Reform 1957 C.E., a formalized and structured lunisolar calendar was finalised as the National Calendar of India, where leap years conformed to with those remembered in Gregorian calendar.

Despite numerous endeavors to establish a unified platform, there still exists several local variations. Government still uses Gregorian calendar for administrative objectives and holidays are experimental as per regional, ethnic and religious assumptions and beliefs.

On a moral front, astrologers use Panchang or Panchangam (Hindu Calendar based on Lunar Calendar) to remedy the wedding date and donate favorable muhurat after horoscope matching is done.
Structure of Indian Calendar
The Shaka Calendar is founded on the luni-solar policy as per time, and condo sts of 12 months and 365 days. The first month in Indian Calendar is Chaitra and the last is Phalguna. The names of the months as per Shaka Calendar are as follows:

Government workers will exist prepared to appreciate a utmost of two elective holidays on the above remembered festival circumstances without any spiritual regulations as per their choice. A written dressing must be made in progress for approval to enjoy such voluntary leave and generally the adequate officer approving the informal leave will give permission in view of the importance of government work. The leave taken by government laborers for these two festivals of their choice will not be borrowed as portion of their informal leave.
Important link::-

Note: - (2) If any of the above remembered Muslim holidays do not come on the announced day, it is a festivityion and the day on which it is actually celebrated can be given to the Muslim employees of the government as a voluntary holiday. 8 Part-2 Public Holidays for Banks, 2061 No .: Gus / 2/2010 / Jasar / 102050/500 / Gh: Declaration No. 8-1-3 of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India dated May 8, 19 - Reading with JUDL-2 The Government of Gujarat, in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad declares the following days as a public holiday for banks during the year 2021, following the disclosure of Section 4 of the Amendment Act, 181 (24th of 191).
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Monday, 16 November 2020

Apply Forest Department Recruitment for 1128 Forester and Forest Guard Posts in Rajasthan

Apply Forest Department Recruitment for 1128 Forester and Forest Guard Posts in Rajasthan 

Rajasthan pole distance embark( RSMSSB) has decided a advertisement for the Reclamation of reforest insurance & Logger 1128 Post. individualities campaigners are pertained to in the coming exercise of RSMSSB Forester & forestland guard Reclamation 2020 & utter the necessary Eligibility Criteria be eligible of checkup the tubby announcement and regulate Online

Entire Posts :- 1128

Forester – 87 Posts

Forest Guard -1041 Posts

◆ Important Dates

Begin Date for Online Application: 08 December 2020

Previous Date for Online Application: 07 January 2021

◆ Educational Qualification

Forest Guard – Applicant must exist 10th lecture established and completion of Devanagari libretto Hindi and Rajasthan discernment

Forester – Applicant must exist 12th class enacted and culmination of Devanagari Script Hindi and Rajasthan discernment

◆ Age Limit

Forest Guard – 18 years to 24 years

Forester – 18 years to 40 years

◆ Exam Fee

GEN/ OBC Creamy Layer: Rs. 450/-

BC/ OBC Non Creamy Layer: Rs. 350/-

SC/ ST Candidates: Rs. 250/-

  Physical Standard

Candidates   Height     Chest

Male             163 CM   84-89 CM

Female         150 CM   79-84 CM

Male (ST)     152 CM   84-89 CM

Female (ST) 145 CM    79-84 CM

Significant Link 

RSMSSB  job Notification :- Click Here

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Capable and problematic people be able to join for RSMSSB Recruitment 2021 through online type on rightful website from 08 December to 07 January 2021. They are too requisite to keep circumstances on SSO –

Rajasthan tree-plant subdivision By Recruitment & 1128 Forester and afforest insurance Posts & request Online

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