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Friday, 27 November 2020

Download Pratilipi app for stories

 Download Pratilipi app for stories

Pratilipi: Read. Write. Get involved.
•Pratilipi is India's biggest digital strategy pertaining to anthologies and columnists in 12 Indian languages
•You can see more than 15 Lakh+ of stories, books, poems, articles, magazines, novels, essays, etc for free  from 150,000 authors
• Join to the Earth of 85+ Lakh browsers and 1.5+ Lakh authors for open 
•Download it today to start browsing or composing original tales in your own terminology
Browse Anywhere ere. Anytime.
Upon your midpoints to service, on your report, in your base —never live outdoors a bookuilt for book partners, the Pratilipi app bumps millions of fabrications, novels, poems, audiobooks in English, and a whole of Indian communications on your fingertips. Pratilipi has an excellent mixture of classic old and new-age literature. Old and wise columnists motivate you to write, whereas new columnists make you feel young and impatient.
Write. Percentage your article. Attain millions of anthologies.
Have your own story to warn? Self-publish on Pratilipi and enlist the hugest neighborhood of writers. Establish new drafts, add impressions, and publish right from the app. Pratilipi provides a hassle-free and developed writer committee to make your act of writing a little tiny scary and a whole lot solacing.
Pertain and you are never independently.
They announce that it takes a village to raise a child. At Pratilipi, we say it takes a neighborhood to make a writer. We all have a story to tell. The dialogue-stimulating neighborhood of Pratilipi brings writers and books on a single objective strategy.
Yes, all this is free!
Curate a collection of the articles you have read. Download the stories on your Android phones to read anywhere and anytime without the concern of holding up books or reimbursing a single paisa...Yes, all this is free!
Tremendous Features
1. Read on the go - anytime anywhere
2. Download and read offline
3. Attach a legend to request menu - don’t want anything
4. Give a literature with supporters - increase agreement 
5. Maintain quotation from wherever you went off - a seamless activity 
6. Get personalized suggestions to read every day
7. Price and review a story after reading - make the community better
8. Producer silhouettes - view more numerous fantasies of your preferred writers 
9. Advertise your personal legend and get identification in a similarity of 10 million browsers 
10. See and sign in 12 several  conversations - examine the most suitable content like nevermore previously
Pratilipi stories are nowadays accessible in the following languages
1. Hindi story
2. Tamil story
3. Marathi story
4. Gujarati story
5. Kannada story
6. Telugu story
7. Bengali story
8. Malayalam story
9. English story
10. Punjabi story
11. Odia story
12. Urdu story
1. Short stories
2. Love story
3. Romance story
4. Science fiction story
5. Action and adventure story
6. Travel story
7. Ghost story
8. Mystery story
9. Women, Health and Children story
10. Suspense and Thriller story
11. Motivational story
12. Adult story
13. Social Story
14. Best story
15. Kids story
16. Popular story
17. Classic fiction
18. Comics
19. Poem
20. Audio story
How to get started with Pratilipi
• Download the free Pratilipi app
• Read popular genres. Save your favorites in your own library
• Self-publish against Pratilipi and touch the most generous association of authors.
• This is entirely FREE, no expenditure circumstances expected

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