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Monday, 23 August 2021

શિક્ષક સજ્જતા સર્વેક્ષણ અંગે શિક્ષકો અને સરકાર સામસામે | TV9News

Essay on Online Education Hello musketeers and welcome, moment we've brought Hindi Essay, Speech, Essay, Paragraph for the scholars on Essay On Online Education In Hindi. We're going to study deeply in this essay about what's online study, its possibilities and challenges, boon or curse for India, its advantages and disadvantages. 

Essay on Online Education| Essay On Online Education In Hindi 
preface Online Learning 

શિક્ષક સજ્જતા બાબતે સંદેશ live કાર્યક્રમ ચાલુ અહીંથી જુઓ

આ આંકડા ઓફિસયલ નથી જેની સૌ મિત્રો ને જાણ ખાતર

Madiya Hati


Online study can be called internet grounded education system in simple words. When the government closed all seminaries and educational institutions indefinitely due to Corona contagion, online education was encouraged in numerous countries including India. 

Since every child has access to the Internet moment, it has also come a popular medium of education. Through this medium, preceptors can establish communication with their scholars sitting in any corner of the country and the world through the Internet. 
However, the conception of online education isn't new. It was being given through colorful platforms for numerous times, but it wasn't taken as seriously. 

But due to the lockdown, its use increased fleetly and scholars who couldn't go to academy could nearly continue their deficient studiesagain.However, also surely the education of crores of children would have been dropped in the middle, If it wasn't for this medium of education. 
What's online education.( what is online education in Hindi) 

In simple language, we can understand online education as a system by which scholars can get education from their own home through internet and electronic bias similar as computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. 

In this new education system, the walls of distance and time have been fully removed. scholars can sit wherever they want and study with the help of real time or recorded speakers. 
Our preceptors and governments have also contributed a lot in depleting digital education in this period of epidemic. numerous seminaries have started to bring the tutoring conditioning of their preceptors to the children in virtual form on a regular base. 

This has given great convenience to the scholars in their studies sitting at home. For illustration, under the Smile design, the Rajasthan government is furnishing diurnal study material, videotape, audioetc. to tutor children through WhatsApp. 
With this new action, the education system has come easier rather than disintegrated. Online education medium has come popular for numerous reasons. Its operation and the installations handed are easy and fluently accessible to every human being. 
This is the reason that online classes are going on from nursery classes to big degree courses and children also share in it with interest. Only good internet connection is needed to join this class. In this, children are trained through videotape, audio and web content. Online education was given legal status from the time 1993. 

Difficulties and Possibilities in Online Education System( Online Education Challenges And openings In Hindi) 

So far, the online education system is in its immaturity, due to which it has not been enforced as much so that the problems coming in the system can be linked. But due to numerous big and abecedarian reasons, indeed moment not all children are suitable to take advantage of this system. In which the first problem is the lack of high speed of the internet. 
Indeed today the speed of internet in remote areas isn't enough so that online classes can be attended. The alternate problem is with the electronic device. Children from middle and low families aren't given smart phonesetc. or the fiscal condition of the family isn't of such a standard that it can meet the charges. 

A major handicap is also that since this is a new medium of tutoring for preceptors, traditional preceptors are reluctant to present themselves in front of similar technology. 
If, the significance of this system is adding fleetly in this age of internet, If we talk about the possibilities of online education. moment numerous institutes are furnishing online courses to the scholars preparing for the competition. 
Institutions of distance education are also fleetly moving towards espousing this option. In such a situation, we can see unknown growth in the field of online education in India in the coming decade. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Online Education Online Education Advantages and Disadvantages 
Benefits of online education If we talk about digital education keeping in mind all the aspects as a whole, also we also have to talk about its advantages, disadvantages, boon or curse, significance etc. Then, through some points, let us try to understand the advantages of this new system. 
Many benefits of online education are born due to the convenience of studying at home. 
Education isn't affected by colorful types of rainfall, circumstances, constraints like housewife or disability. 

A lot of time and expenditure is also saved by barring the interference of regular business. 
The coffers and logistics of the academy are also saved. 

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