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Friday, 20 August 2021

Download answer Koi Pan Karmachari Faraj Par Bedarkari Dakhave To Principal Su Karyavahi Kari Sake ?

Download answer: What kind of action can the principal take if the carrot remains without doing? (2) Student Attendance Form should be made for registration from May to April or every month from June to May. (3) Is the employee attendance card counted from January to December or from June to May? Answer: Brother,

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(1) When any employee shows negligence towards his duty, the problem arising due to his negligence as Principal should be presented to the Paying Officer (TPEO) along with supporting evidence. With supporting evidence so that if there is no evidence it is consumed in a false allegation. If the employee is absent without 3GA, the employee should try to give reasons in writing for the day of absence with supporting evidence and if the supporting evidence is presented by the employee with the reason or not, the reason is not stated.

Download answer of shikshak jyot

Should be presented, if this happens frequently it should be requested to do the right thing. It is then their responsibility to take appropriate departmental action. Even if he does not take action, the responsibility of the principal does not remain.

(Ii) The District Panchayat first gives a written notice of the date of commencement and completion. It also informs the student on what date the result of that class will be given. Thus, the student has to drop the result in the new year on the date of keeping the result, so that the result of the new class has to be given from that date (from the date of the next day to the day in which the student stays in that class. According to the circular, it is a sin for primary school teachers to count 12 years from May to May, in which the year is not even counted as May Supi. Therefore, the annual millet certificate of teachers is multiplied from June to May. DOLL

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