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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Download Full Detail પ્રજ્ઞા અભિગમ શું છે…? ટૂંકમાં સમજ

Download Full Detail પ્રજ્ઞા અભિગમ શું છે? ટૂંકમાં સમજ

Due to the Corona extremity, the Situation in the country moment has affected the education of the children the most because the scholars aren't suitable to go to academy or council. In such a condition, his studies have come to a complete halt. In this case, the only option left wing is to study online from home, but how to study online from home? numerous scholars are worried about this. So moment in this post I'm going to tell you about how to study online from home? 

Download full detail about pragna musketeers, by studying at home, I mean studying by internet. So you must have books and notes but currently in the age of internet also you must have computer, laptop or smart phone as well as internet in it. 

Now that you're reading this composition, of course you'll have a laptop or mobile as well as internet in it. So it's relatively possible for you to study from the internet sitting at home. So let’s know everything in information now 

When it comes to making a time table, you can make it like I woke up at 9 in the morning moment and also had breakfast till 10 o’clock and sat down to read online. From 10a.m. to 1p.m., I studied online and also had lunch and rested a bit. 

After that you studied well from 4 o’clock to 6 o’clock and also took a break till 8 o’clock. After that you studied for an one hour online from 8 o’clock to 9 o’clock. You should know how to make a time table according to your time. 

You just looked that I studied for a 6 hours a day and that too while doing my other work with calmly. You can take a break and read online according to how much time you have to read

How to create Online Time Table?

You can also use google timetable and other operation to produce online timetable.However, you can manage the time table in two ways, If you want to produce a time table from google timetable. 
The first way is that you can produce a time table by going to the website of google timetable and the alternate way is that you have to download the operation of google calendar. 

How to study online from YouTube Videos?

Nawoday every pupil has a mobile or every house has a mobile and it also has internet. This is how you can study online by watching vids from YouTube. 

Indeed if a pupil is at home, he can study from YouTube vids every day. 
This gives you the advantage of studying online that if you don't understand a content duly, you can still see it again, which helps you to understand that content 

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