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Thursday, 19 August 2021



So that we can contribute to closing the technology gap between rich and poor. Our contribution will be to connect millions of internet devices.

My point is: the Internet will have to grow a lot to reach the bottom. And you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Let me tell you: in the future the internet will spread its legs on a very large scale Overcoming digital heterogeneity. And to connect to the means of internet which are in crores. Ted2019

Parents were encouraged to set a good example for their children and to pay close attention to what their children see on the Internet or TV, by avoiding staring at sex for a moment.

Parents were encouraged to avoid taking a single look at a sexual scene and thus set a good example for their children. It was also stated that children should monitor what they watch on the Internet and on TV.

When this electronic letter is sent, it usually travels through a device called a modem that connects your computer to the Internet via a telephone network.


When you send this electronic letter, it travels from your computer, often via a device called a modem, which connects your computer to the Internet via a telephone network.

One of the major regional languages ​​of India, which is recognized by the Indian Constitution. It is mainly spoken by more than three crore people in Gujarat region and other major cities of India. Gujarati language belongs to the south-western group of new Indo-Aryan languages. The Italian scholar Tessitori also called ancient Gujarati as ancient western Rajasthani, because during his time this language was also used in the region now known as the state of Rajasthan. Gujarati, like other new Indo-Aryan languages, has its origin in a Prakrit language. The development of this language can be divided into three stages based on changes in some philological features,

Ancient Gujarati (12th-15th century),
Middle Gujarati (16th – 18th century), and
Naveen Gujarati (19th century onwards).
The new flowing form of Nagari script indicates Naveen Gujarati.

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