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Saturday, 21 August 2021

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Outrage against State Primary preceptors ‘ Union leaders numerous preceptors angry with State preceptors ’ Survey Teacher Saina, who's on a schoolteacher’s date, openly transacted the check with the inception of a simple check of primary preceptors across the state. 

The department was seen to be an attached to it. The preceptors were prepared by the department and are now recovering. The request to join the check by carrying out medications for the check was seen in the contestation as opposed to the indirect issued by the state union as soon as possible. Among the primary preceptors, if not done, his opposition is getting stronger. 


There's no denying that the State Primary preceptors Union’s work couldn't go ahead as it didn't see a trouble to the actuality of the schoolteacher Saita Survey. As the letter of concurrence has been inked by the state government, it'll further provoke contestation in the world of education with the teachers. 

After raising the question of what chance of the check and the preceptors of the quarter union have created a difference of opinion, the preceptors have also raised numerous questions from the Rao Sandh. Attempts have been made to attack the problem as soon as possible. Following which the preceptors have remained. While the public swazik will be salutary for the quality. D

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