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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Download Latest Gujarati Garba 2021 Download Gujarati Bhajan Dandiya Ras

Download Latest Gujarati Garba 2021 Download Gujarati Bhajan Dandiya Ras

Khelaiya helps you to learn the Gujarati folk dance known as The “Garba" and “Dodhiya".This application an includes graphical yet an elaborative description of all types of The dodhiyas and garbas.

Lots of and veritably rearmost collection of the Navratri Gujarati Garba, Dodhiya and Dandiya. 
These Dodhiya and Garba are suitable for all types of Navratri songs including rearmost bollywood songs. 

What Is Garba?Garba is a form of dance which originated in the state of Gujarat in The India.

Learn Garba Step by Step Learn 3 Types of The Garba

1. One Clap Garba
2. Two Claps Garba
3. Three Claps Garba

What Is Dodhiya?

The Dodiya/ Dodia are Rajput, according to their traditions, they were grounded in and around Multan in Punjab during 12th and 13th centuries, when they erected a stronghold near Multan by the name of Rohtashgarh. 

Learn Dodhiya Step by Step Learn 6 Type Of The Dodhiya

1. 6 Steps Dodhiya
2. 8 Steps Dodhiya
3. 9 Steps Dodhiya
4. 12 Steps Dodhiya
5. 14 Steps Dodhiya
6. 15 Steps Dodhiya

Gujarati Songs, ગુજરાતી ગીત Garba contains wide collection OF Romantic, Sad and rearmost Gujarati Songs from your fave vocalizers. 
This app provides Hunt point for its druggies to search their favorite songs in no time. 

Best Gujarati singers include

Rakesh Barot, Jignesh Kaviraj, Arvind Vegda, Naresh Kanodia, Praful Dave, Falguni Pathak, Geeta Dutt, Asha Bhosle, Nayaran Swami, Aishwarya Majmudar, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, and many further. 

ગીતા રબારી ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ વિડીયો

હેમંત ચૌહાણ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ વિડીયો

જિજ્ઞેશ કવિરાજ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ વિડીયો

પામેલા જૈન ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ વિડીયો

Gujarati Songs Fan??

If you are, Killol is the stylish operation for you to hear and enjoy all the guarati songs, If you are. Killol offers and unlimited access to Gujarati Songs, Dayro, Navratri Garba, Gujarati Film Songs, spiritual Gujarati Songs and all other popular Gujarati music that's trending in today’s era. 

With the extravagancy of collection from Gujarati music, you'll get to choose your favourites from millions. Browse through Top trending songs, lately played songs and your favorite playlists. 
Key Features- 

Killol app comes with a vibrant yet stoner – friendly interface. It allows easy music streaming experience. This app comes with and unlimited streaming. piecemeal from that, Killol does so much further 

-- Covers all the Widest range of The Gujarati Music. 
-- Manage all your music in one particular place. 
-- produce your own playlists and enjoy harkening music. 
-- Easy Play all button to hear to the complete reader. 
-- Easy Share Button to partake your favourite music with you friends via 
 It Automatically maintains your lately Played songs. 

Famous singer of The gujarati garba are vijay jada, hitesh patel, pravin vankar, pratap ahir, nevil thakkar, ashvin ahalgama, vivek joshi, paresh kumar gujrat guruji vala, babukaka and tapan patel.

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