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Thursday, 2 December 2021

Latest] Din Vishesh December 2020 |

Gujarat Primary School In Variouse Activity Available So My Arvind Parmar Website In Din Vishesh December Month Data Available. Din Vishesh Paripatra Anounced By Gujarat Primary Education Department 2020.

[Latest] Din Vishesh December 2020

1790 - Lord Cornwallis snatches the power of justice in the criminal cases from the Nawab of Mushirdabad in his hands and transfers the Sadar Nizamat court to Kolkata.
17 9 6 - Baji Rao II, the Maratha empire of Peshwa built. He was the last Peshwa of the Maratha Empire.
182 9 - Viceroy Lord William Bentinck in India in Sati stayed.
1824 - British invaded Kumuk from Madras and Mumbai and then surrounded the fort of Kittur.
1824 - Andrew Jackson is elected the seventh President of the United States.
1829 - Viceroy Lord William Bantik prohibits the practice of Sati in India .
1860 - Margao resident Agostino Lourenco the Paris of chemical education of doctoral degrees completed. He was probably the first Indian to complete his doctoral degree from abroad.
1910 - The world's first neon lamp developed by the French physicist Georges Claude at the Paris Motor Show for the first time.
1912 - Turkey , Bulgaria , Serbia , Greece and Monteggro enter into a ceasefire agreement.
1 9 43 - World War II, the US president during Fenklin D. Roosevelt , British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President of Turkey Ismat Inonu second Cairo conference met.
1 9 48 - East China Sea are taking the Chinese refugee ship was deaths of 1,100 Laegon from Visfaet Haene ship Kiangya.
1 9 5 9 - India and Nepal has Gandak signed irrigation and power project agreement.
1949 - India's first rocket Rohini RH75 is launched from Thumba .
1 9 67 - Indonesia 's former president Sukarno were detained.
1971 - Emergency started in the country after the war between India and Pakistan started.
1972 - Honduran army general Oswaldo López Arellano overthrows President Ramon Cruz .
1 9 74 - the Netherlands (Dutch) passenger plane Sri Lankan capital of Colombo crashed. All 191 passengers died in this accident.

1975 - Laos Republic declared.
1 9 77 - Gene Bedell Bocasa declared himself Emperor of the Central African Empire.
1 9 80 - Portugal 's prime minister Francisco Sakalnro went died in a plane crash in Lisbon.
1979 - At least 3000 people died and several thousand people became victims of physical deformity due to leaking toxic gas from the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal.
1 9 8 9 - Russian President Mikhail Gorwacyov and US President George Bush announced the end of the Cold War.
1979 - First free local election held in Taiwan .
19 - World famous guitarist Charlie Lee Bird dies,
19 - Chechnya guerrillas kill 250 Russian soldiers.
2000 - Visit Fox elected new president of Mexico
2000 - Australia beat West Indies in a Test match and set a record for winning 12 consecutive Test matches.
2001 - Gaza at Israel in the attack Yasser Arafat destroyed helicopters.
2002 - UNEP released $ 26.6 million for the study of biodiversity in seven tropical countries including India.
2006 - Monica's application rejected in Portuguese Supreme Court.
2008 - 30 people killed in an attack on police stations in Iraq .
2007 - India and Pakistan agree to restore rail connectivity between Munabav and Khokhrapar after 40 years.
2008 - took place in Mumbai on 26 Nvanbr after the terrorist incident of Maharashtra 's Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh resigned from his post.
2012 - At least 475 people die in the Philippines by 'Bhuffa' storm.
Birth [Source:- Wekipedia]
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