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Tuesday, 18 January 2022

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 There will be restrictions on rampant looting in the private sector – from the new academic year, the government will open “Kindergarten-KG” for pre-primary education!KG will start inside the government school. Children up to 5-6 years will get admission Gandhinagar 1

1st June – 8th year to be completed from 203. Admission to the same standard by the Government of Gujarat from the new academic session. The age of the child is on 1st June.

If pre-primary education is to be implemented but if it is more than five years then the year will be completed. The demand for them in standard 1 is increasing. From June 303 But you can get admission in Std-1. Admission will be available. In the kindergarten Sir Kari education system

સમાચાર ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો અહીંથી

But. Next academic year! Nurseries and kindergartens in all private sector schools will not be eligible for this concession in the year following the commencement of kindergarten-KCG for pre-primary education through. Assuming that the education system of the state is nearing completion, why education in the name of education
Secretary Vinod Rao said, year! But he said. Also restrictions on ongoing looting
Nursery currently run in private sector for pre-primary education to low income citizens.
In cities only ‘government KG’ is an urgent need or the only option. However, inflation is rising day by day. Children of many years in this condition

Could not get pre-primary education. Therefore, with special courses, there have been demands to start kindergarten KG to make arrangements for government education of children from 2 to 6 years of age in densely populated urban areas and in newly developing areas. There is a guide. As such, restrictions will be imposed on children between the ages of three and five, starting in schools. In the name of Std-1 and Std-9 education, such institutions are charging a fee of Rs. The child will be provided government education in the village or city.

The state education department has started the process of providing primary education in private schools through kindergartens to control such loans not only in government schools but also in the field. The shops will be closed already for him. Hence, the process of nursery relocation in the private sector is also coming to a close. Dina KO: Qualified teachers

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