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Thursday, 14 April 2022

સ્ટેજ પર બેઠા હતા વર-કન્યા, ત્યારે જ છોકરી પહોંચી, પછી Wedding Invitation Cards Maker

 Wedding invitations to invite your relatives, friends and loved ones.

Sample wedding invitations to create an invitation. 

You can save or share the newest greeting cards.  

Wedding invitations have unique features.

    1. Works on all single screens.

    2. Look at the whole canvas.

    3. Share stickers on social apps.

    4. Share quotes on social media.

    5. Define congratulations as posters.

    6. Quotes to choose from.

અહીં વિડિયો જુઓ


    1. The user can set any image as background, just click on the background (screen) icon.

    2. Messages can be customized via doodle text.  Messages can also be retrieved.

    3. The user can apply effects to the image by touching the star icon, such as a sketch.

    4. Messages can be placed in different fonts and colors, click on the T icon.

    5. The sticker can be applied to the image, click on the rose icon.

Source: Google Play Store

    What is happening

● More cards added

● Card quality has improved during the exchange

● Card labels are graded

● Now you can invite in Hindi

● Hindi fonts added

Now the picture can be cut to dissimilar sizes an except the square circle, use the photo editor.

Advanced text management with many options, such as multicolor, shadow, shadow, 3D rotation, etc.

Credit Link

Advanced sticker management.

Tasks can be saved for further editing. 

Many issues have been resolved

      Download Wedding Invitation Cards Maker

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