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Sunday, 31 July 2022

Plan a tour to this beautiful place near Surat in August, the fun will double as the government starts a particuler festival

Plan a tour to this beautiful place near Surat in August, the fun will double as the government starts a particuler festival

Monsoon festival was organized from July 30 to August 30 i.e. for one month. Which is named Megh Malhar

  • Saputara is the only hill station of  The Gujarat. 
  • Saputara's beauty flourishes in the monsoons
  • Monsoon festival was organized from July 30 to August 30 i.e. for one month.

If someone says about the hottest favorite destination in Gujarat (Places To Visit In Gujarat During Monsoon), Saputara comes to the top. Saputara is the only so-called Hill Station in Gujarat  , situated in the Sahyadri Girimala in the Dang district of South Gujarat .

Megh Malhar Parva-2022

A Monsoon Festival was organized from 30th July to 30th August i.e. for one month amidst the natural environment in Giribhat Saputara. Which is named Megh Malhar. The festival was inaugurated by Minister Purnesh Modi. It is important that the celebration of Monsoon Festival was not possible due to Corona for two years. Megh Malhar Parva-2022 in Saputara includes musical fountain, amphitheater, adventure park, boating jetty area development, and floating jetty canopies around Hyatt Lake, mall road development works, parking near Mahadev Mandir, minor bridges, shops, renovation of TCGL shops etc. . 

A special Dangi food court is organized during the Megh Malhar Monsoon Festival. In which dhokla made from the famous nagli grain of Dang district, nagli idli, nagli papad, bhajiya of energizing mushli, urad dal, and various sattvic dishes are served. Also, special programs like Rain Run Marathon, Boat Racing and Nature Treasure Hunt have been organized there. Apart from this, during the festival, tourists will get a chance to participate in art gallery workshops, photography, art painting, bamboo crafting, warli painting, yoga classes, quiz contest, seminars, Rangoli competition, musical learning competition, photography competition, various sports competitions, fun activities etc. 

Saputara Attraction Center The

Beauty of Saputara blossoms during the heavy monsoons and at that time Saputara becomes a center of attraction for Gujaratis and people from the surrounding states of Gujarat. The word Saputara means 'house of snakes'. In earlier times, snakes were seen in heaps in Saputara. However, even today, snake sightings are not rare in Saputara forest. Scattered tribes also live in the forests around Saputara. However, the traditional dances of the tribals have now become a major attraction for tourists. However there is also a belief that Lord Rama spent some time in Saputara during his exile. At the same time, he had a gift with Shabari and Shabari fed Boar to Lord Ram. 

Places to see in Saputara (Places to see in Saputara)

Sunrise Point and Sun Set Point (Sun rise and Sun Set Point)

Why not go to the hill station and see the sunrise and sunset there? One should start and end the day at Saputara in Dang district with these two points. 

Governor Hill / Table View Point

This place is one of the most special places of Saputara hill station. There you can enjoy horse riding, camel riding, zip line, rope way, bike riding etc.

Sarp Ganga Lake Sarp Ganga Lake

You can experience boating in Sarp Ganga Lake and according to the locals, snakes come to the shores of this lake to bask in the sun. 

Girimal Waterfall

This waterfall extends up to a height of 100 feet, making it the highest waterfall in Gujarat. The waterfall is located on the Gira river render through the Girmal village, 12 km from Shingana village near the edge of Dang's Subir taluka and The Maharashtra state. Girimal Falls is the highest waterfall in The Gujarat. Its height is 150 feet. 

Shabri Dham (Shabri Dham)

This place is located at a distance of about 33 kilometers from Ahwa, the district headquarters. According to local credit, Lord Rama met Shabri at this place, which is bring up in the Ramayana. 

Pampa Sarovar (Pampa Lake)

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva's deity Pampa (Parvati) did penance at this place to show her dedication to Shiva. Also this lake is mentioned in Ramayana. This is the same lake on the banks of which Shabri expect the arrival of The Lord Rama.

Shiv Ghat Waterfall (Shiv Ghat Waterfall)

Shiv Ghat waterfall is located at a distance of 10 km from Ahwa in Dang district. There is a small temple of Lord Shankar here so this waterfall is named Shiv Ghat Falls. 

Purna River

This river originates near Pipaldahad in the Sahyadri mountain range on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat and merges into the Arabian Sea near Navsari.

Gira Waterfall Gira Waterfall

Is a very famous waterfall of Gujarat. This waterfall is located near The Waghai village in The Dang district of South Gujarat. Here Ambika river as such falls as a waterfall. And flowing opposite, it meets the Arabian Sea close Belimora. The waterfall falls from a peak of about thirty meters.

Don Hill Station Don Hill Station

Is a hidden treasure of natural beauty in Gujarat situated between Maharashtra and Gujarat border. Don Hill Station in The Dang is just 30 km from Ahwa and is one of the visitor spots in Dang. 

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