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Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Big orders given for all phones above Rs.10 thousand in India, all companies are also ready

A meeting was held on Wednesday with representatives of handset manufacturers to discuss the gradual phasing out of 4G phones priced above Rs 10,000.

New information about 5G service is constantly coming out. A new update has come out about it which is linked to smartphone manufacturers. According to a report, a meeting was held on Wednesday with the representatives of the handset manufacturers to discuss the gradual reduction of production of 4G phones priced above Rs 10,000. Now every company has talked about  gradually shifting from 4G to 5G .

Three months time.. 

According to the report, officials from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) organized the meeting with mobile operators and smartphone manufacturers. At the meeting, officials gave a three-month trimframe to accelerate 5G services and discussed that smartphone makers will gradually shift from 4G to 5G .

Especially phones with a budget above 10 thousand rupees 

According to what was said in the meeting, in the coming days only 5G smartphones will be available with a budget of more than 10 thousand rupees. An industry executive said that there are 750 million mobile phone users in India and 100 million people have 5G ready phones but still more than 350 million users are using 3G or 4G phones. 

Let it be known that this meeting lasted for about an hour and executives of brands like Apple, Samsung and other telecom operators were also involved in it. The companies said that by the end of this year, users will get the update of 5G support and will be able to use 5G services on their phones without any problem . Please let us know that 5G network is not coming  in any iPhone now .

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