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Monday, 21 November 2022

Gram Panchayat Work Report 2022|Know the functions of Gram Panchayat

 Gujarat Gram Panchayat Work Report 2022: Generally speaking, the Gram Panchayat is actually a very deep level in the Czech rich country and is concerned about the development of its areas. The functions of the Gram Panchayat include looking after and improving water sources, roads, drainage, school buildings, collecting municipal taxes and providing resources for all. Implementation of government employment programmes. In other words, we can say that it is a government body at the village level. In today’s article we will talk about what is Gram Panchayat and how it works. Also we will tell you that you can use your mobile on your mobile. Gram Panchayat Work Report How can you check. 

What is Gram Panchayat?

India is divided into states, which are further subdivided into districts, which are then sub-districts and finally villages. Gram means “village” in Hindi, so a gram panchayat is actually a council for a village. It acts as a governing body and is democratic in character. The members of the Gram Panchayat mainly consist of some prominent characters; They may be sarpanch and secretary, who constitute the executive body.

Gram Sabha is a meeting for the development of a village or group of villages. But not everyone is allowed in the meeting. Only those adults who are 18 years of age or more or who have the right to vote are members of the Gram Sabha. The head of the meeting is called “Sarpanch” and the members are called “Panch”.

During this meeting, the members of the Gram Panchayat discuss the issues that are plaguing the village as well as any and all problems related to it.
He also discussed the BPL card, which below the poverty line is called a card. Those who are eligible must have BPL card and they work on it.
It is also told during the discussion that the fund should not be wasted, but should be used to help the needy.
Gram Panchayat

Gram Panchayat Work Report 2022

Therefore, all the development programs run by the villages come under the Gram Panchayat and it is the responsibility of the Gram Panchayat to complete them.
The Gram Panchayat is in charge of building and maintaining the water sources of the village.
Likewise, building and working the roads and property resources of school buildings
They also investigate and collect local taxes.
Detroit Infinity shoots to work on all the new plans by the government that are to be implemented at the village level.
People of village or gram sabha can open account working in Panchayat in some ways:
first e-gram swaraj portal Which is a website launched by the Central Government.
Similarly an app has also been launched, e-Gram Swaraj. you easily Gram Panchayat Work Report can do. We’ll show you how to use the app in the paragraphs below.

Check Progress of Gram Panchayat | Know the functions of Gram Panchayat

Gram Panchayat Work Report One of the most important benefits of knowing the status of the government is that the sarpanch and the people of the village can openly talk to each other about how things are going and the level of transparency is maintained.
Hence, the members of the Gram Sabha can easily check the information that how the development projects of the village are going and how far they are.
Information on the amount being spent on various projects is also available.
Anyone can download the app from the App Store and check the progress status of their Gram Panchayat work.

Using App Gram Panchayat

First of all go to play store on your android phone or tablet and download e-gram swaraj app. Then, once you have downloaded the app, open it and choose the state it asks for.
Update using state. You have to click on the Zilla Panchayat option, then select the Block Panchayat, and then the information of the Gram Panchayat you want to see will appear. Click on it, and the option of financial year will appear, and you have to select the year you want to see the progress of Gram Panchayat.
So there are many options. In those options, you can see the details of the elected representatives to order “Panch” of the Gram Panchayat. A person can also view the approved programs or activities in the village, and finally, a person can also view the overall economic progress on the app.

Check Gram Panchayat Work Report Using the Gram Panchayat Portal

In order to develop or improve the administration in Panchayati Raj Institutions across the country, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj has established e-Gram Swaraj, an accessible online e-gram swaraj portal It aims to improve distributed planning, progress reporting and task-based accounting transparency.

Check Gram Panchayat ReportClick Here
Visit HomepageClick Here
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Saturday, 19 November 2022

Online Map:Gujarat All Village Map

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તમારા ગામનો નકશો જોવા માટે તમારા જિલ્લાના નામ પર ક્લિક કરોFind District-wise villages in Gujarat, India

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Tuesday, 15 November 2022

How To Know How Many SIMs Are Registered On My Aadhar Card

How to know how many SIMs are registered on my Aadhar card:The DoT has TAFCOP portal to let you look at your phone numbers registered against your Aadhaar number. 

How To Know How Many SIMs Are Registered On My Aadhar Card

Looking for a way to check all phone numbers registered against your Aadhaar card? It is possible through a portal launched by the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) that lets individuals check how many phone numbers are registered on their Aadhaar number. The portal is initially working for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana consumers. It is helpful essentially if you want to block any connections that no longer exist. The phone numbers that are registered against your Aadhaar number can also help you speed up the know-your-customer (KYC) process required by banks and various government authorities.

How Many Mobile Number Link With Aadhar Card

The DoT launched the Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection (TAFCOP) portal in April to allow telecom subscribers to search for all the phone numbers registered against their Aadhaar number. The portal is currently available only in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, though the DoT mentioned that it would soon be extended to all consumers in the country.

According to the FAQ page, the TAFCOP portal is designed to “help subscribers, check the number of mobile connections working in their name, and take necessary action for regularising their additional mobile connections if any.”

Phone Numbers Registered Against The Aadhaar Number

The DoT has guidelines that permit registration of up to nine mobile connections for each single subscriber. After exceeding that count, every new connection purchased on the same name will be considered under a bulk connection that is meant for commercial purposes. You should, therefore, check the count from the TAFCOP portal. Here’s how it is possible.

According to the FAQ page, the TAFCOP portal is designed to “help subscribers, check the number of mobile connections working in their name, and take necessary action for regularising their additional mobile connections if any.”

TRAI Mobile Number Check (Steps)

Below are the steps that you can take to check all phone numbers registered against your Aadhaar number.

  • Go to the TAFCOP portal and enter your active mobile number.
  • Click on the Request OTP button.
  • Enter the OTP you have received on your phone and hit Validate.
  • The TAFCOP portal will now show you the numbers associated with your Aadhaar number.

The portal also lets users report whether the numbers are not in use by themselves or are not required.

  • Go to Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection portal website
  • Now enter your contact number.
  • Then click on the ‘Request OTP’ tab.
  • Now enter the OTP number you have received.
  • Then, all the numbers linked to your Aadhaar number will be displayed on the website.
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Sunday, 13 November 2022

Digital Voter Card 2022 – e Epic Card

 Digital Voter Card 2022 download from e Epic Card Website The e-EPIC (electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card) programme or Voter Card will be formally launched on January 25, marking the occasion of National Voters’ Day. The e-voter card can be downloaded till the end of the February month. 

Central Election Commission said that the deadline for new voters to download their e-epic card or e-voter card has been extended to the end of February. New voters who have recently registered to vote as part of the voter list revision can be downloaded from,

Digital Voter Card 2022

Those who have registered to vote before the 2021 voters’ list will be amended and their cell phone number will also be registered with the Election Commission will soon announce when they want to download the e-voter card. The Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card programme has been launched on January 25 which will allow voters to download a soft copy of their voter cards from the website of the Election Commission.

Other identity proofs like the Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license are already available in the digital format. This will be the first time that the government will issue voter identity cards in digital formats.

Digital Voter Card: The digitalisation of voter-ID card will have a special significance in the upcoming polls. The Election Commission of India will formally launch the e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card) programme on January 25, the National Voter’s Day.

Epic Card Website

  • e-EPIC is a non-editable secure portable document format (PDF) version of the EPIC and will have a secured QR code with image and demographics like serial number, part number, etc. E-EPIC can be downloaded on a mobile or a computer and can be digitally stored. This is in addition to physical IDs being issued for fresh registration.
  • The e-EPIC initiative would be launched in two phases. In the first phase from January 25 to 31, all new voters who have applied for the voter-ID card and registered their mobile numbers in Form-6 will be able to download the e-EPIC by simply authenticating their mobile number. The mobile numbers should be unique and not be previously registered in the ECI’s electoral rolls.
  • The second phase will start from February 1. It will be open for the general voters. All those who have given their mobile numbers (linked one) they can also download their e-EPIC.
  • The delays, losing cards and not been able to get the voter-ID cards is an issue that won’t be there. Moreover, most of the ID cards are moving on the digital platform.
  • New Voters: Only new voters who have applied between January 25 and 31 for their voter cards and have registered their mobile numbers with the Election Commission will be able to download their digital voter-IDs.
  • All Voters: From February 1, all voters will be able to download their digital copies, if their phone numbers are linked with the Election Commission.
  • Voters who do not have their phone numbers linked with the Commission will have to reverify their details with the EC and get their mobile number linked to avail of the download feature. Digital voter identity cards will be in PDF formats.
  • New voters will also get hard copies of their voter ID cards. The digitisation is to ensure there is no delay in getting voter ID cards before election. Also, digital cards will help in case of a loss of card, migration etc.
  • Digital voter ID cards can be stored on Digilocker. The digital cards will carry a secured QR code with images and demographics so that these can’t be duplicated.
  • e-EPIC can be downloaded through the following online links, however, the voter-ID card would also be sent to them: Voter Helpline Mobile app (Android/iOS) OR The digitalisation of voter-ID card will have a special significance in the upcoming polls in states.

How to download digital voter ID card

  • First visit the Voter Slip portal by Log on to
  • If you do not have an account, then create an account through your mobile number or email ID.
  • If you already have an account, then log in and click on the option of download E-EPIC.
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Duolingo App – Learn English

 Duolingo App – Learn English:Learn English with fun mini-lessons that feel like games! Use the free app every day to quickly improve your spoken English. 

With Duolingo, you’ll improve your English — and have fun. Short lessons help you practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation of English. Start with basic phrases and sentences, and learn new words daily.

Duolingo App – Learn English

Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages around the world.

  • It’s free, for real.
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What’s New In Duolingo App

We’re excited to introduce a change to the home screen that gives you a clear path to follow – so you can be confident that each step you take in Duolingo is truly the best step for reaching your language goals.

Lesson content is the same, but now it’s ordered so that you learn a mix of concepts. We also built practice into your path. And for courses where they’re available, Stories and Tips are now easier to find.

Download Duolingo AppClick Here
Visit HomepageClick Here
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Saturday, 12 November 2022

GSRTC Bus Schedule app is with BOOKING facility | GSRTC Time Table

 GSRTC Bus Schedule app: Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation(GSRTC) is a passenger transport organisation providing its bus services both within Gujarat and neighboring or adjoining states of India. 

GSRTC Bus Schedule App

GSRTC Bus Schedule application is designed for GSRTC customers, who frequently use Gujarat state transport for travelling. This application will help you to find out schedule of different buses and other information.This application provides great user interface for GSRTC customers.

All new app for the people of Gujarat who use the GSRTC buses for travelling across India from Gujarat. GSRTC Bus Schedule app is completely FREE by all means.

GSRTC Bus Schedule

With GSRTC Bus Schedule’s app you can check the buses status that run from Gujarat roadway’s associated depots. You can check all the available buses from your start to your end destinations. You can check the route details of a particular bus. You can check GSRTC Bus Information, GSRTC Bus Timings, Bus Routes, GSRTC Bus Enquiry, GSRTC Bus Information and etc. GSRTC Bus Schedule app helps you to check routes before scheduling your trip to have a hassle free journey

GSRTC Volvo Bus Ticket Booking Status Online

Recently Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has started online ticket booking service for their daily Volvo buses from various cities of Gujarat. Now passengers can book tickets online for their onward journey beforehand to avoid last minute rush. Most of the Volvo bus services are available from Ahmedabad Nehrunagar, Baroda (Vadodara), Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Ambaji, Mumbai Central, Vapi and Navsari. Please find below detailed instructions on booking tickets online through GSRTC website for cashless experience. You can also contact the official ticket booking number at GSRTC station for making payment and booking your seats.

Fee Details

You can check fare details of the GSRTC bus running from start destination to your end destination.

Seat Availability

Check Seat Availability for a particular bus with very simple and attractive user interface

Online Bus Ticket Booking

GSRTC app allows you to search and book GSRTC bus tickets. Choose your time and bus type like Gurjarnagri, Express, Sleeper and Volvo buses to apply filters. You can now book on the Bus Tickets using Net banking, credit cards, debit cards,& Wallet Payment also.

Download Bus Tracking AppClick Here
Visit HomepageClick Here
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IBPS SO Recruitment 2022 – Apply Online 710 Vacancy

 IBPS SO Recruitment 2022:The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has released the official notification PDF IBPS SO 2022 Recruitment on the official website of IBPS on 31st October 2022. IBPS has declared a total number of 710 vacancies for specialist officers. IBPS has released the IBPS SO Vacancy for various fields i.e. I.T. Officer (Scale-I), Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I), Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale I), Law Officer (Scale I), HR/Personnel Officer (Scale I) and Marketing Officer (Scale I). The online registration for the IBPS SO has started on 1st November 2022 so candidates can check all the important details related to the IBPS SO Recruitment 2022 here in this post. 

IBPS SO Recruitment 2022

IBPS SO Recruitment 2022 Notification PDF has been out on the official website of IBPS. Eligible candidates, who aspire to join any of the Participating Banks in IBPS SO Recruitment 2022 as one of the Specialist Officers posts will be required to register for the Common Recruitment Process (CRP SPL-XII). The IBPS SO selection process consists of three stages i.e. Prelims, Mains, and Interviews.

Organaization NameInstitute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS)
Posts NameSpecialist Officer
No. of Vacancy710
Application ModeOnline
Job LocationIndia
Last Date of Application21st November 2022
Official Website

IBPS SO Recruitment Notification Pdf

The link to download the IBPS SO Recruitment 2022 notification PDF has been published on the official website of IBPS. Candidates intending to apply for IBPS SO Recruitment 2022 must make sure they fulfill the required eligibility criteria which are required for the IBPS SO Recruitment 2022. Candidates need not visit the website of IBPS as the direct link to download the IBPS SO Notification PDF is given below.

IBPS SO Recruitment Education Qualification

Post NameEducation Qualification
I.T. Officera) 4 year Engineering/Technology Degree in Computer Science/ Computer Applications/Information Technology/Electronics/Electronics & Telecommunications/ Electronics & Communication/Electronics &
b) Post Graduate Degree in Electronics/Electronics & Tele Communication/Electronics & Communication/Electronics & Instrumentation/Computer Science/Information Technology/Computer Applications
Graduate having passed DOEACC ‘B’ level
Agricultural Field Officer4 year Degree (graduation) in Agriculture/Horticulture/Animal Husbandry/Veterinary Science/Dairy Science/Fishery Science/ Pisciculture/Agri. Marketing & Cooperation/Co-operation & Banking/ Agro-Forestry/Forestry/Agricultural Biotechnology/Food Science/ Agriculture Business Management/Food Technology/Dairy Technology/ Agricultural Engineering/ Sericulture
Rajbhasha AdhikariPost Graduate Degree in Hindi with English as a subject at the degree
(graduation) level
Post graduate degree in Sanskrit with English and Hindi as subjects at the
degree (graduation) level.
Law OfficerA Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB) and enrolled as an advocate with Bar Council
HR/Personnel OfficerGraduate and two years full time post graduate degree or two years full time post graduate diploma in Personnel Management /Industrial Relations/HR /HRD/Social Work /Labour Law.
Marketing OfficerGraduate and two years full time MMS (Marketing)/two years full time MBA (Marketing)/two years full time PGDBA/PGDBM/PGPM/PGDM with specialization in Marketing

IBPS SO Age Limit

The minimum age to apply for the post specialist officer is 20 years and the maximum age to apply is 30 years

IBPS SO Apply Online

IBPS has invited online applications for IBPS SO Recruitment 2022 from 1st November 2022 and the last date to apply online for the IBPS SO is 21st November 2022. Interested and eligible candidates are able to apply either from the link given below or by visiting IBPS’s authorized website and clicking on the home page to open the link “CRP Specialist Officers” and then click on the option “ Click here to apply online” for CRP- Specialist Officers (CRP-SPL-XII)” to open the on-line application form.

IBPS SO Application Fees

All OthersRs.850/-

IBPS SO Selection Process

The IBPS SO Recruitment 2022 selection process consists of three stages which are given below

  • Preliminary examination
  • Mains Examination
  • Interview

Important Dates

Notification Issue Date31st October 2022
Apply Online Start Date1st November 2022
Last Date of Application21st November 2022
IBPS SO Prelims Exam 202224th and 31st December 2022
IBPS SO Mains exam 202229th January 2023
Read NotificationClick Here
Apply OnlineClick Here
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Friday, 11 November 2022

Gujarat Voter List 2022 – Check Your Name In Voter List

 Gujarat Voter List 2022:How to Search Gujarat Voter List Online and Download Gujarat Voter List Online PDF at, Search Name Wise Electoral Roll PDF | As you all may be aware that voting is the basic right of each and every citizen. After attaining 18 years of age a citizen of India can vote in elections. For voting, they are required to possess a voter ID card. If a citizen’s name appears on the voter list then he or she is eligible to vote in the election. Today through this article we are going to give you information about the Gujarat voter list like its objective, benefits, features, eligibility, required documents, application procedure, etc. So if you want to check your name on the Gujarat Voter List then you are required to go through this article very carefully till the end.  

Gujarat Voter List 2022

The voter list of Gujarat has been launched by the concerned authorities of the election commission of India. The list is available on the Chief Electoral Officer’s official website. All the citizens whose name appears on this voter list will be able to vote in the elections. Every citizen whose age is 18 years or more has the right to vote. Now citizens are not required to visit government offices in order to check names on the voter list. They are just required to go to the official website and from the official website, they can check their name on the Gujarat Voter List. This will save a lot of time and money and will also bring transparency to the system.

Gujarat Matdar Yadi 2022

The main objective of the Gujarat voter list is to make available a list of all the voters of Gujarat who have the right to vote in the upcoming election. This list has been made available on the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat. Citizens of Gujarat are not required to visit the government offices in order to check their names on the voter list. They are just required to visit the official website and from there they can check their name on the voter list. This will save a lot of time and money. The availability of the Gujarat voter list online will also bring transparency to the system.

Benefits And Features Of Gujarat Voter List

  • The voter list of Gujarat has been launched by the concerned authorities of the election commission of India
  • This list has been made available on the official website of a chief electoral officer of Gujarat
  • All the citizens whose name appears on the voter list will be able to vote in the election
  • Every citizen whose age is 18 years or more has the right to vote
  • Now citizens are not required to visit government offices in order to check their names in the voter list
  • They are just required to go to the official website and from the official website, they can check their name on the Gujarat voter list
  • This will save a lot of time and money
  • The availability of the Gujarat voter list online will also bring transparency to the system
  • Also Read 800 years or 400 years ago, when did Guru-Shani come so close? Understand
Check Voter ListClick Here
Visit HomepageClick Here
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Thursday, 10 November 2022

Vhali Dikri Yojna Full Detail Vhali dikri Yojna 2022

 The State Government of Gujarat has started Vahli Dikri Yojana. The procedure of the application form will be rolled out when the scheme will commence. In this article we will provide you throughout discussion on the scheme to see the benefits of both online and offline mode. Also look out for the eligibility criteria and other info. So, read the whole article and take out the deep information.. 

ગુજરાત રાજ્ય સરકાર દ્વારા વહલી દિકરી યોજનાની જાહેરાત કરવામાં આવી છે. આ યોજના માટે અરજી ફોર્મ ભરવાની પ્રક્રિયા ટૂંક સમયમાં શરૂ થશે. આજે આ લેખમાં અમે લોકો આ અંગે ચર્ચા કરવા જઈ રહ્યા છીએ કે તમે કેવી રીતે સ્કીમનો લાભ ઓનલાઈન/ઓફલાઈન બંને રીતે મેળવવા માટે અરજી કરી શકો છો, યોજનાનો ઉદ્દેશ્ય, પાત્રતા માપદંડ અને અન્ય ઘણી માહિતી. યોજના વિશેની તમામ વિગતો જાણવા કૃપા કરીને આ પૃષ્ઠના આગળ જણાવેલા સત્ર પર એક નજર નાખો.

Vahli Dikri Yojana | Vahali Dikri Yojana Form | Vahali Dikri Yojana Helpline Number | વહાલી દીકરી 2020-21 | Vahli Dikri Yojna Apply Online | Dear Daughter Scheme

Vhali Dikri Yojna Full Detail Form PDf Download

Vahli Dikri Yojana means Dear Daughter Scheme, has been launched by the Gujarat Government for the girl children of the state. You can easily apply for the Vahli Dikri Yojana and take the benefit of the scheme. Under વહાલી દીકરી scheme Gujarat Government sanction a subsidy of  INR 1,10,000 for the birth of first girl child.

આ લેખમાં અમે તમને આ યોજના વિશે બધું જ જણાવવા જઈ રહ્યા છીએ, જેથી તમે સરળતાથી આ યોજના માટે અરજી કરી શકો અને તમારી દીકરીના સારા ભવિષ્ય માટે તેનો લાભ લઈ શકો.

અરજદાર ગુજરાત રાજ્યનો કાયમી નિવાસી હોવો જોઈએ.
છોકરીઓ 2 લાખથી ઓછી વાર્ષિક આવક ધરાવતા ગરીબ પરિવારની હોવી જોઈએ.
ગિલનો જન્મ 2-8-2019 પછી થવો જોઈએ
વ્હાલી દિકરી યોજનાનો લાભ 2 છોકરી સુધી.
છોકરીના જન્મ સમયે માતાની ઉંમર 18 વર્ષથી વધુ હોવી જોઈએ

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  • Vhali Dikri Yojna Notification

પટેલના જણાવ્યા મુજબ આ યોજનાનો લાભ રૂ. સુધીના પરિવારોને મળશે. વાર્ષિક 2 લાખની આવક.

રાજ્ય સરકારે રૂ. નાણાકીય વર્ષ 2019-20ના બજેટમાં આ યોજના માટે 133 કરોડ.

કન્યાઓનો જન્મ દર વધારવા અને સ્ત્રી ભ્રૂણ હત્યાને નાથવાના પ્રયાસરૂપે ગુજરાત સરકારે બજેટમાં 'વાલી ડેરી યોજના' શરૂ કરી છે. આ યોજના હેઠળ, જ્યારે છોકરી 18 વર્ષની વય વટાવે છે, ત્યારે નાણામંત્રી નીતિન પટેલે વિધાનસભામાં જાહેરાત કરી હતી કે સરકાર તેને એક લાખ રૂપિયા આપશે.

Fiancial Assistance In Vahali Dikri Yojana

The amount to 1st and 2nd daughters of the family would be given in the following manner:

  • 1st instalment  :::: For admission in First Class ::::: Rs.4000
  • 2nd instalment ::::: For admission in Class 10th Std ::::: Rs.6000
  • 3rd instalment :::: At the age of 18 years :::: Rs.1 lakh

Key Features of the Vahali Dikri Scheme::

The below listed are the key features of the scheme:

  • The Gujarat Government wants to ensure that every girl child of the state should be adequate education.
  • With the implementation of this scheme, the Government will offer financial assistance to the parents of female students as they receive the amount to send their girls to school.
  • This scheme eliminates the social evils in the society and helps the girls with a better standard of living.
  • Under this project, the Gujarat government has promised financial assistance of Rs.1,10,000 to every applicant who becomes a registered beneficiary.
  • The full amount will be deposited in the beneficiaries accounts in three separate instalments.
  • The beneficiaries will get the subsidy in their account at the fixed time frame by the government.
  • In the recent Gujarat Budget 2019-20, the state government has allocated Rs.133 crore for Vahli Dikri Yojana.
  • This scheme aims to create sustainable growth of all these people that further helps with improving their standard of living in society.
  • When the girl will take admission in class 1, then the sum of Rs. 4000 will be credited to her account. Again, when she successfully completes the 8th standard examination and gets admission in 9th standard, the government will credit her account with Rs.6000.
  • After completing and passing the examination of class 12, the Gujarat government will make the transfer of Rs.1 lakh in the bank accounts of the respective beneficiaries.

  • The registered beneficiary will be able to withdraw the sum of Rs.1 lakh from her bank account once she attains the legal age of 18 years. She is free to use the funds for vocational training, higher education or to meet the expenses of marriage.


Download Vhali Dikri Yojna Form click here

Document  Require For Vhali Dikri Yojana ::: 

  • Birth Crtificate Of Daughter
  • Adhar Card Of Father
  • Adhar Card Of Mother
  • Birth certificate Of mother
  • Income certificate
  • Other Documents

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